This page exemplifies the type of aid this organization will provide, what we've accomplished, and what we will continue to strive higher for. These cases will be continuously updated to provide donors with constant feedback

Eric Shepherd

Life for this beautiful young family was blissful. Unfortunately, they are now struggling due to a devastating car accident that caused Eric to become paralyzed. Read Eric’s Story


Chitram Ayana (Vinesh) is a thirteen year old child who was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. His condition is critical and he is in need of urgent medical attention, which is not available in Guyana.  Read Chitram’s Story


Meet our tiny patient, baby Afeena! Afeena was severely burned across her entire body when an electrical outlet exploded at her home in Lusignan. She was subsequently rushed to Georgetown Public Hospital Read Afeena’s Story


8 Year-Old Allisha Rahim was admitted to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Pediatric Oncology unit on January 30, 2018 after she was presented at the Accident and Emergency Department with complains of ankle pain, nausea and vomiting. Read Allisha's Story

At just 6 years old Chetram was a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital, and during a trip to visit Chetram, his father was killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident, which took the lives of 12 individual.  Read Chetram's Story

Ranveer Oselmo

20 month-old Ranveer Oselmo was admitted to Georgetown Public Hospital’s burn care unit on 6th November, 2017 after he sustained deep second degree burns to 35% of his body. The accident occurred at home when he somehow found his way next to a kerosene stove and fuel spilled on him causing his body to catch on fire. Read Ranveer's Story

Tarik Clothes.jpg

18 Year-Old Tarik Paul was severely burned across his entire body during a bullying incident while playing with friends. He has since received some medical treatment, but due to the extent of his injuries, he must travel to the United States from his home in St. Lucia, for advanced medical care at an expense which his family are unable to afford. Read Tarik's Story

Before (2).jpg

As millions of women came together and marched in solidarity to protect our rights and fight for equality, this beautiful woman laid in a hospital bed with severe burns to her face and upper body, because her husband claimed ownership of her.  Read Shondell's Story

At just 16 months-old Ranie Roger's sustained serious burns to her head and face after a kerosene stove fell on her. Read Ranie's Story

On December 19, 2015, 6-year-old Shazim Samad was admitted to Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) with second and third degree burns to 40% of his body (lower anterior extremities and his lower posterior extremities). Read Shazim's Story