Atiya Shania Persaud


On August 5, 2019, the case of Shania Atiya Persaud was presented to SHEA and we gladly accepted.  

Shania sustained third degree burns across 70% of her body when the home  where she lived  burned to the ground with her inside.  

Shania survived the fire by walking out of the house as it burned; she was covered in flames and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by neighbors. She is currently at GPHC in a guarded state. 

SHEA has secured treatment for Shania in the United States; however, she needs to be transported by medical air ambulance.

We are currently working on securing her medical visa and raising funds to cover the cost of her expenses.   

We have also partnered with the Rotary Club of Demerara to expedite her medical transport.

Please help us help little Shania by making a donation towards her medical expenses and medical air transport.

SHEA is a publicly funded charity, which is managed by volunteers. 100% of all donations are allocated to patient care. See our Gold Star Commitment to Transparency rating at GuideStar.

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