Carlos Domingo

Carlos Domingo of Whitewater Village, Barima-Waini broke his arm when he was 7 years-old. Shortly after the incident, he received treatment for his injury, and a metal rod was placed in his arm as part of the treatment; however, just days later, the rod became dislodged, puncturing his flesh and skin and caused an infection and severe pain. Because of the isolated location in which Carlos lives and limited financial resources, his family was unable to provide further care. So, he was left untreated for 3 long years. 

Immediately upon learning of Carlos’ condition, the SHEA Charity coordinated all aspects of getting him transported from Whitewater Village to Georgetown, where he was accepted at GPHC and treated in orthopedic unit. The Charity covered all expense included Carlos' return to Whitewater one week later. He is now recovering at home and getting back to a normal life.

Carlos Before 2.jpg

Before Treatment


Carlos After Treatment.jpg