Children In Desperate Need


Case Closed!

Sincere thanks to everyone who has donated to assist this family in their time of need.

Due to the overwhelming support received by this family though other charity organizations, we have closed this case on our end to focus on other families that are in need.

We offered to provide housing for the family for up to 3 years until they can self-sustain, but we were told by the mother that she will be receiving a new house in a few weeks from Food for the Poor. There are several other organizations which are assisting with general needs and cash donations; therefore, we will focus on other families in need.

All donations and supplies which were received by SHEA for these children will be turned over to their mother shortly.

Thank you for your continued support of SHEA Charity and it’s activities. No further donations will be accept for this case.

During a recent humanitarian trip to Berbice, we were made aware of 4 children (all between the ages of 5-9) who have been facing incredibly struggles after a recent separation of their mother and father. We were told that the mother and 4 children were sleeping in cardboard boxes in a cemetery. 

However, the mother begged for a piece of land in the cemetery and  was able to put together a small wooden frame box to shelter her young family. Currently they have no food, clothes, running water, bathroom, and other basic necessities. When our volunteers visited they were brought to tears and immediately got to work in assisting with meals and basic needs. The youngest child has ringworms on his entire body and we have made arrangements to treat this condition. 

We asked the mother what she need most and she explained that she wanted to keep the kids in school, therefore she needs school supplies and food for that purpose. 

SHEA is committed to assisting this family. We pledge to find them a better home to reside outside of the cemetery and help sustain them for a few months until they can do better for themselves.

For the safety of the children we are not releasing their location. We appreciate your understanding. 

Please help us help these kids by making a donation today.

SHEA is a publicly funded charity, which is managed by volunteers. 100% of all donations are allocated to patient care. See our Silver Star Commitment to Transparency rating at GuideStar.