In Memory of Devin Bishoondial

On April 23, 2016, 15-month-old Devin Bishoondial was admitted to Georgetown Public Hospital's Pediatric Surgical Unit with a diagnosis of 50% deep second and third degree burns to his body.

These injuries were acquired with Devin's elder brother was allegedly lighting a fire and threw a highly flammable substance into the fire, causing a huge explosion, which resulted in Devin being seriously burned.

Due to the limited areas of healthy skin offered, GPHC is unable to perform debridement and skin grafting. Therefore, no surgical intervention has been undertaken to date. This child is currently being monitored closely to ensure adequate fluid resuscitation and to identify signs of complications. 

The SHEA Charity has accepted this case and we are working with GPHC to assist in helping baby Devin seek medical treatment in the USA. We ask that you make a donation to the SHEA Charity which will help us facilitate this process. 


May 03, 2016: Devin arrived in the U.S.A. and immediately began treatment.

May 09, 2016: Devin passed away due to complication from his injuries sustained in Guyana. 

To say that we are heartbroken would be an understatement. We have organized all aspects of returning Devin's body to Guyana for burial.