Eric Shepherd

Eric Shepherd

Meet the Shepherds!

Life for this beautiful young family was blissful. Unfortunately, they are now struggling due to a devastating car accident that caused Eric to become paralyzed.

In late February 2019 Eric’s vehicle hit a utility pole when he swerved to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle which was speeding towards him in the wrong direction. While trying to avoid that collision, Eric hastily maneuvered his car to also avoid hitting pedestrians in his path, which then caused his vehicle to hit a utility pole. Thankfully, none of the pedestrians were hurt but, Eric suffered disastrous injuries which left him paralyzed from below his waist. He is unable to move his lower body and has developed bedsores and other complications due to his immobility.

Eric, Charmaine, and their little girl Kaylee of Georgetown, Guyana, are now struggling in many ways, since Eric now requires 24/7 care.

Charmaine wants to see Eric walk again and she wants Kaylee to enjoy her father company. She has made a heart wrenching plea to SHEA for her beloved husband and although SHEA has pledged to primarily assist pediatric patients, we are moved by this young family and we want to assist them in ensuring that Eric receives much needed medical care.  There is hope for Eric, he may even walk again, but not without proper medical treatments.

SHEA has accepted Eric’s case and has already secured medical treatment for him in the Caribbean; including travel, housing, and daily meals.

We kindly ask, if you can, please donate, and share the link. Help us help Eric and his family.