The Case of Mahadeo Mohan:

On October 28, 2015, SHEA picked up the case of Mahadeo Mohan. Mahadeo was a farmer with a life threatening heart condition. Because of his past medical condition his doctors advised him to undergo bypass surgery or his next heart attack could kill him.

The total cost for this surgery was approximately $8,000.00 USD. Mahadoe was a poor hardworking farmer who did not have the means to pay for this surgery. After reviewing the case, SHEA collaborated with Pandit Tillack Seerattan of the Shri Devi Mandir Global Humanitarian Foundation, and together they raised a portion of the funds need to cover the surgery cost. The additional funds were pledged to Mr. Mohan from other sources which he was unable to timely acquire. Unfortunately, Mr. Mohan passed away on December 9th, 2015. SHEA deeply regrets the loss of Mr. Mohan. We will strive our best to provide 100% treatment service to avoid this case from repeating itself.