Sam and Bella

The Case of Samantha Persaud:

In October, 2014, Samantha Persaud, a pregnant woman, was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure). She was shuffled from hospital to hospital, eventually being discharged and sent home since the hospitals were unable to treat her issue. A simple hypertension issue escalated into a dire situation, due to lack of medical facility, equipment, and trained medical professionals in Guyana. Samantha’s doctors instructed her family to seek immediate treatment overseas or she, along with her fetus, would die within a matter of days. Both mother and child were subsequently saved after Lori started a crowd funding campaign in Samantha’s honor and enough funds were raised to facilitate a medical transfer to Maternidad Santa Ana Hospital in Venezuela. All it took to initiate treatment was $5,000.00 USD. The entire treatment cost to save Sam and her daughter, Isabella, was just over $9,000.00 USD. The funds collected were even budgeted to facilitate a one-year check-up in Venezuela for both mother and child. Before Lori picked up this case, which was shared with her via a social media newspaper article, Samantha’s mother walked from door to door asking friends, neighbors, and local businesses for help. At the end of a full day, she managed to raise approximately $200.00 USD.

Sam in the news:

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