The case of Zeniha Loo: 

In January, 2012, Zeniha Loo, a six-year-old from Guyana, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since none of the hospitals in Guyana are equipped to perform surgeries of this nature, Zeniha’s mother reached out for help through every possible channel. She received three opinions from doctors in Trinidad, Canada, and the USA, and they all stressed the urgency to remove the tumor as early as possible. Though all the options were costly, Zeniha’s mother chose the offer from Trinidad, which cost approximately $20,000.00 USD. A family decision was made to begin a fundraising campaign to acquire the necessary funds. During this time, Lori personally reached out to several hospitals and organizations asking for assistance. A few hospitals offered treatment at full cost, though Zeniah had to be transported by medical air ambulance from Guyana to the USA, proving to be even more costly.  After a full month of pleading with the public for assistance, Zeniha’s parents still did not have enough funds to cover the cost of the procedure, but they took her to the hospital in Trinidad anyway, in hopes of paying for the treatment in installments. Because of the time spent on fundraising delayed her treatment, Zeniha’s health rapidly deteriorated and she died on February 15, 2012. Though she died at the hospital, her mother was denied access to her body until all fees were paid. Lori personally paid some of the balance and asked friends and family to assist. Zeniha’s body was eventually turned over to her mother and she was taken home to Guyana for burial. 

Photos of Zeniha